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Wholesale Coffee Roasting and Coffee Services 

Globally-sourced and locally roasted, our passionate team at Brawn & Brains Coffee supplies only the finest specialty coffee and coffee services to our customers and partners. Since 2013, we’ve curated unique blends and single-origin offerings so that our customers can enjoy the highest-quality coffees from around the world. 

Excellence from Bean to Cup

Our approach to wholesale specialty coffee is simple and delightful - we offer our partners a selection of quality roasted coffee beans at competitive prices. From customisable blends to exclusive single origins, our partners always have a say in the personalised Brawn & Brains coffee experience that will leave you craving another cup.

Roasting with integrity and supplying quality coffee are our core values. All of our 100% Arabica green coffees are roasted on demand on a Probatone Drum Roaster to maintain the ultimate freshness and quality of every lot.

We are also certified and registered with the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) as a licensed wholesale distributor with our roastery located in the North. If you are a green coffee importer or owner of a coffee farm and are looking for a roasting partner, we would be delighted to work with you to provide quality roasted coffees for you and your clients.

Our Awards

Wholesale Partnerships 

Service & Training

Whether you are running a cafe, bakery or restaurant, maintaining the holy trifecta of beloved products, excellent service and standout branding is key to the success of any business. We can help you grow your brand by offering custom coffee blends unique to your name and tailored to fit your customers’ taste preferences

If you’d like to upgrade your knowledge in serving and educating your customers on specialty coffee, we are here to help. Our fun, experienced training sessions will improve your coffee understanding and brewing skills so you can achieve the flavours and taste profiles that have your customers coming back for more.

We’ve already helped many service partners and hosted successful trainings for these entities. Will you be the next?

Office Solutions

Bringing the cafe experience to your workplace has never been easier! Show your clients and employees you care about their enjoyment down to the smallest details, including how you stock your pantry shelves (believe us, this small pleasure alone can create long-term gains in office happiness). From delicious roasted coffee to Nespresso-compatible capsules, we have a curated range for you to choose from. 

Think Brawn & Brains Coffee is a good fit for your business? Please reach out through the form below and our friendly sales team will get in touch with you very shortly!