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With over a decade of experience in successfully operating Brawn & Brains Coffee and expertise in coffee roasting, Brawn & Brains Coffee has established itself as a trailblazing coffee roaster in Singapore. As one of the pioneering artisanal cafes in the country, we have always strived to maintain an excellent reputation.

At Brawn and Brains Coffee, our primary objective is to be recognized as one of Singapore's premier coffee roasters while creating significant value for our direct customers and B2B partners.

We possess extensive expertise in various areas, including coffee roasting, quality control and training, workflow design, building and construction, hiring and operations execution.

This diverse skill set allows us to cater to the needs of local start-ups and international clients who are interested in establishing their business in Singapore or their home country.

Our services encompass the supply of consistent, high-quality roasted coffee beans, consultancy work that entails space setup, equipment procurement, coffee training, cafe operations, and talent management.

Whether you are aspiring to open your own cafe or seeking a corporate partnership, we invite you to get in touch with us. We are enthusiastic about assisting you in embarking on a remarkable journey.

Why Wholesale with us?

At Brawn & Brains Coffee, we believe in a straightforward and enriching approach to wholesale specialty coffee. Our esteemed partners enjoy access to a thoughtfully curated selection of meticulously roasted coffee beans, offered at competitive prices. We value your preferences and input, ensuring a personalized coffee experience that will have you yearning for another cup.

Integrity is at the heart of our operations. We are committed to roasting and delivering exceptional coffee, upholding the highest standards of quality. To preserve the utmost freshness, we roast our 100% Arabica green coffees on demand using the renowned Probatone Drum Coffee Roaster.

We take pride in being a certified and registered wholesale distributor with the Singapore Food Agency (SFA). Our state-of-the-art roastery, nestled in JTC Bedok Food City, stands as a testament to our dedication. If you're a green coffee importer or a coffee farm owner seeking a trusted roasting partner, we would be honored to collaborate with you. Together, we can deliver unparalleled roasted coffees to you, your valued clientele and your business of course!