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Environmental Initiatives


We are committed to minimising our waste production and strive to use sustainable alternatives to non-reusable products. Some of our initiatives include:

- Encouraging customers to bring their own reusable storage containers.

- Opting for biodegradable and recyclable materials wherever possible.

- Switching over to stainless steel and paper straws, instead of using plastic straws.

- Being more conscious of the amount of waste we produce and strengthen recycling efforts.

- Repurposing our waste.

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We appreciate it when customers bring their own cups and carriers to reduce the consumption of one-time use products!

Our new B&B loyalty program, in collaboration with SP Digital, rewards customers when they bring their own tumblers.

B&B’s rewards:

- Get $0.20 off when you bring your own cup/tumbler [upon every visit]

- One-time issued complimentary hot coffee (black/white) with min $10 spent [On every 10th visit]

We would also be more than happy to pack takeaway orders in reusable lunch boxes that customers provide. We offer a coffee tray only when needed, and encourage customers to bring them back for future purchases.

We design our own merchandise, such as coffee tumblers, tote bags and coffee brewing equipment, and are so happy and thankful when you bring them along for your coffee fix! They are minimalistic, classic and also stand against the test of time. We hope our merchandise serves a greater purpose than being just another product in your home, and gets used and loved to the full extent.

700 million kg of plastic waste is discarded each year in Singapore and less than 10% of plastics gets recycled. We therefore strive to keep our plastic use at a minimum and offer more environmentally friendly substitutes.

We are deliberate with our choices and select suppliers like Detpak who have a like-minded vision. Detpak’s products are more ecological as they source paper and board materials from reputable suppliers, and prioritize printing using water-based or soy inks.

We use kraft paper takeaway boxes and paper bags when preparing your order for takeout or for when you wish to pack your leftovers. We have also opted for glass bottles for our cold brew coffees instead of plastic, making your recycling experience more achievable.

Going a step further, we signed the No Plastic Straw Pledge with WWF and Zero Waste Singapore. This means that we have officially gone plastic straw free! We now provide stainless steel straws for when you are dining in and paper straws for your takeaway coffee.

We aim to reduce and recycle any wastage we have by reusing old plastic bags as trash bags, and properly disposing cardboard boxes and glass bottles at recycling bins.