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Established in 2013, Brawn & Brains Coffee is a local coffee roaster, bakery, café, wholesaler and retailer, based in Singapore. We endeavor to be one of Singapore’s leading cafés, dedicated to sourcing and roasting high-quality coffee with the primary focus of making good coffee easy to brew, easy to appreciate, and accessible to all. To achieve this, we roast our coffee very carefully in small batches, with the focus of bringing out the best flavors and characteristics of every coffee in each cup. We strongly believe that this is the best way to run our business, and that our customers and partners deserve only the best and freshest coffee.


Our Story

Brawn & Brains Coffee was just a tiny coffee shop measuring less than 350 square feet in August 2013. Our focus then, as it is now, is this – to source for high-quality green coffee, and offer freshly roasted coffee and lovingly baked pastries, together with simple but hearty sandwiches to our customers. We were presented with an opportunity for expansion in late 2014 at a location that was 3 times the size of where we first started. The new space is in a historic building built in the 1950s, and was home to the old Singapore Badminton Hall. Although massive amounts of work had to be done to prepare the place, we were delighted to begin operations in July 2015. We love the location and the architecture of the building, and are still operating there at Guillemard Road today.


Our story grew beyond the walls of our humble coffee shop. In August 2017, our team participated in Singapore Coffee Festival where we featured a selection of in-house roasted filter coffee, and BB Coffee Beer brewed by our friends at Rye & Pint Brewery, a Singapore craft beer brewery. It was the first time we participated in Singapore Coffee Festival and we had a fantastic time meeting old friends and new acquaintances, sipping on coffee from our own roasters.


Another significant milestone in Brawn & Brains Coffee’s story is our second café that opened its doors at 218 East Coast Road in 2019. This outlet boasts a new menu that features coffee brewed using different methods , and hearty comfort food made with simple but fresh ingredients. Together, they bear the hallmarks of Brawn & Brains Coffee – good coffee and good food.


We strongly believe in continuous learning and improvement, and in giving back to our friends, customers, and the communities who have supported us over the years. We work hard so that we can serve you only the best – from our coffee to our baked goods, and to the food we serve. Your support is what drives us at Brawn & Brains Coffee to grow as a team, while staying true to our roots, doing our best, and being proud of what we do.