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Finca San Jacinto, Honduras

Filter Roast Coffee Beans / Single Origin

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Origin Honduras
Region Marcala, La Paz
Varietal  Typica
Process  Natural


Taste Profile
Blueberry, Red Cherry, Melon, Stone fruit, Jasmine Tea


Coffee Story

This coffee originates from San Jacinto, a small farm in Honduras.

Isaura Martinez has dedicated her life to the cultivation of coffee and her greatest inspiration is her father, Antonio Martinez. Her father is a visionary coffee producer and is recognised as a legend in Opatoro, La Paz. He has taught her the practices of processing, drying and storing coffee, which she has since developed her own methods and is traditionally known for her washed process coffees. 

Isaura, however, took a leap of faith with this exquisite coffee and used a natural process instead. This results in an exclusive micro-lot that is inviting, flavourful and aromatic with lots of fruity flavours. 

We enjoy this coffee for its blueberry, red cherry, melon and stone fruit tasting notes. Medium-bodied, you will also get a cup with a lingering dark jasmine tea-like finish as well.