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As foodies ourselves, we know how tempting it is to want to try everything on the menu! However, that means throwing out perfectly edible food when we can’t finish them and not only is that an expensive lifestyle, it poses to be a huge detriment to our planet as well. The food waste problem has exacerbated at an alarming rate over the years and in 2019 alone, Singapore generated around 744 million kg of food waste. It is one of the largest contributors to the total amount of waste produced in Singapore and we have to work together to alleviate this problem. The most advocated method in reducing food waste is to avoid generating excess in the first place. But what can we do in the case where we do have a surplus? Just Dabao has got the answer to that. 

Just Dabao is a social enterprise that is founded on the mission to reduce food waste in Singapore by connecting eateries and consumers. Instead of discarding food that remains unsold at the end of the day, eateries are encouraged to put them up for sale at discounted prices and offer a more sustainable and affordable solution for consumers. Definitely a bang for your buck!

Although we are mindful about the amount of food that we produce and it is not everyday that we get leftovers, we hope that we would be able to minimise our environmental impact on the days that we do. We are so honoured to be a partner with Just Dabao and we hope that you guys are as excited about the partnership as we are! Thank you to everyone who has supported Brawn & Brains Coffee through Just Dabao and we would love to have you dine in at our cafes one day!

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