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Worka Wuri, Ethiopia

Filter Roast Coffee Beans / Single Origin

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Origin Ethiopia
Region Gedeb, Yirgacheffe
Varietal  Ethiopian Heirloom
Process  Natural


Taste Profile
Peach, Apricot Jam, Red Mango, Chocolate, Floral, Creamy, Complex 

Coffee Story

This coffee originates from Yirgacheffe, a town located in Southern Ethiopia

The name “Worka” is recognised by many in the world of speciality coffees and it means “gold” in the Gedeo language. In Gedeo as well, “Wuri” translates to “high altitude”. Worka Wuri is therefore the perfect name for this coffee as grows on agricultural areas that surpass altitudes of 2,100 meters. 

The region has developed a distinguished reputation for their fine coffees over the years as they produce some of the most sought-after micro-lots in the world. The high status awarded to Yirgacheffe coffees is a result of the high altitudes (up to 2,200m in some areas) and fertile soils the coffees are grown in, consistent and plentiful rains, and the work of knowledgeable farmers. 

The local indigenous ‘heirloom’ varietal that grows wild in Ethiopia presents a cup that has unique flavour notes. It is unexpected yet refined. The sun-drying natural process gives this coffee its juicy and jammy stone-fruit flavours, while also creamy with chocolaty and floral notes. 

Slightly complex in flavours, Worka Wuri has got a lovely combination of different notes such as peach, apricot jam and white flowers accompanied with a creamy and chocolaty finish.