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Finca Santa Teresa, Panama

Filter Roast Coffee Beans / Single Origin

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Origin Panama
Region Chiriqui
Varietal  Gesha
Process  Natural


Taste Profile
Pineapple Juice, Yuzu, Peach, White Grape, Jasmine


Coffee Story

This exquisite Gesha varietal produced by Finca Santa Teresa (FST) originates from the Volcán district in Chiriqui, Panama. The farm and mill are situated on high terrains between 1400-1900 MASL, where they enjoy rich volcanic soils and ideal weather systems driven by the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. This results in coffee that is sweet and juicy, reminiscent of honeysuckle, lychee, and strawberries.

Coffee cherries are only picked when fully ripe and undergo a natural processing on raised beds. They are dried for 4-6 weeks under Panama’s high-altitude sun and the drying process is finished in the oven before the coffee is sent for hulling.

We love this succulent coffee for its fruity notes of pineapple juice, yuzu, peach, and white grape. We also taste slight floral hints of jasmine.