Finca La Fortaleza 120H, Columbia

Filter Roast Coffee Beans / Limited Roast / Single Origin

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La Fortaleza 120H
Origin Colombia
Region Peña Negras
Varietal  Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
Process  Anaerobic Process by 120 hours, Sun dried

Taste Profile 
Pomelo, Meyer Lemon, Bergamot, Golden Raisin, Jasmine Tea


The Australian International Coffee Awards is the only international roasting competition in Australia. receiving more than 800 entries from over 180 exhibitors from around the world. The AICA presents producers, large and small, with the chance to benchmark their products and Brawn & Brains Coffee is honoured to have participated and received 2 Silver medals in 2020.

Australian International Coffee Awards 2020 —

La Fortaleza - Silver Medal 2020 (Pourover, Single Origin) Filter Coffee

La Cumbre - Silver Medal 2020 (Pourover, Single Origin) Filter Coffee