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Gayo Senja, Sumatra

Filter Roast / Filter Roast Coffee Beans

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Origin Indonesia
Region Aceh Province, Sumatra
Varietal  Catimor
Process  Wine Process


Taste Profile
Red Cherry, Mulberry, Cloves, Black Pepper, Wild Flowers


Coffee Story

This coffee originates from Sumatra, Indonesia. 

Gayo Senja is a coffee that radiates comfort and warmth, and its name stems from a meaningful place. ‘Gayo’ refers to a region within the Aceh Province and is home to an indigenous ethnic group, the Gayo Tribe. ‘Senja’ means dusk in the Indonesian language. It therefore suggests that Gayo Senja is best enjoyed after office hours, making it the perfect coffee for relaxing after a long day of work. 


A unique process in which the producers first lay the coffee cherries out under the sun to dry. They are then brought into the shade, transferred and kept in a plastic tub overnight, and put out to dry in the sun again the next morning. This extended process is repeated purposefully for 30 to 60 days (depending on the weather) to maximise fermentation within the cherries. This gives the coffee a more intense flavour and resulting in a fruity wine taste that we enjoy. 

Although this coffee undergoes a treatment similar to that of a natural process, you will get a more cup that is more complex and sweet due to the prolonged fermentation. We love this coffee for its bold, red cherry, mulberry, accompanied with a finishing of notes of wildflowers and sweet spice.