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Finca Samaria, Nicaragua

Espresso Roast Coffee Beans / Single Origin

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Origin Nicaragua
Region Dipilto, Nueva Segovia
Varietal  Catuai
Process  Red Honey


Taste Profile
Cranberry, Red Plum, Raisin, Toffee


Coffee Story 

This red honey processed coffee is produced by Julio and Octavio Peralta in Nicaragua. The farm, Finca Samaria, is situated in the Dipilto, Nueva Segovia Region, surrounded by dense lush forests and rolling hills.

The Peralta interpretation of processing first begins by leaving the coffee in their cherries for 24 hours after harvesting. They are then pulped and laid out to dry on raised beds, where the coffee is turned several times throughout the day and covered at night daily to protect the cherries from moisture. This routine is repeated over the course of 18-20 days until the coffee is fully dried, and brought to the microlot-only San Ignacio Mill in Mozonte to be processed.

We love this coffee for its berry tasting notes which remind us of raisins, cranberry and red plum. You can also expect a cup that is buttery and sweet, much like toffee.